Whistler BT2200 Bluetooth Helmet Headset - Rider to Passenger Communications
Regular Price: $69.99
Yours for: $32.50
SAVE 54%
Olympus SP-810UZ 14.0 MP Digital Camera
Regular Price: $299.99
Yours for: $174.99
SAVE 42%
Sony PlayStation 24-Inch 3D 1080p 240Hz Widescreen LED LCD 3-in-1 Monitor
Regular Price: $349.99
Yours for: $139.99
SAVE 60%

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What exactly does Refurbished mean?

There are a lot of different levels of reconditioned or refurbished items for sale on the Internet today and also not only many different levels of refurbishing or reconditioning, there are also a number of different levels of interpretations of the term