Hitachi LifeStudio Mobile 320GB USB External Hard Drive
Regular Price: $99.99
Yours for: $49.99
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TomTom START 45M 4.3-Inch GPS Navigator w/ Lifetime Maps
Regular Price: $119.95
Yours for: $74.99
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Uniden Guardian™ G755 Wireless Video Surveillance System
Regular Price: $479.99
Yours for: $289.99
SAVE 40%

How Does It Work?

The Overrunz Deal of the Day starts at 12 midnight Eastern Time each and every day and remains for sale until the product is completely sold out or the next day rolls around. If you like the item you see, DON'T WAIT or the whole lot could sell out, and basically, "You snooze, you lose." (Lame cliché, but it works here.) If the item sells out before the day's end, then we'll post another smoking hot deal to finish out the day.

The Deal of the Day is a wide-open opportunity available for sale to EVERYBODY! Customers, non-customers, dealers, retailers, resellers, shop owners, premium incentive companies, hotels, motels, beds (with and without breakfasts), humans, goats, aliens, Charlie Sheen, Marcia Brady, Aquaman, The Great Gazoo, and pretty much any being or entity. As long as you pay for it, we will be more than happy to sell it to you.

It is truly remarkable how much product is available in North America as a result of cancelled orders, shelf-pulls, end-of-line items or an overrun in production. Our goal is to bring these unbelievable deals to you, and we hope that you can see the comparative value provides in our Deal of the Day.


For the most part we try to keep the shipping charge at $5.00.  Usually only for very large and or fragile items do we need to charge a little more for shipping but it is always posted right next to the Daily Deal item on the front page of Sometimes, like on Freebie Fridays, the shipping is even FREE!

As soon as you have decided to order one or more units of the item posted on Deal of the Day and as long as you are signed up as a customer, we should receive your order instantly and strive to have your item picked, packed, and shipped within 24 hours. We ask that you please give us 5-10 days for your product to arrive. You will also be provided within with a tracking number or shipment confirmation once it has left our warehouse within 48 hours of placing your order.

Please allow 14 days for an item to arrive. If it's later than that, please contact so we can put a trace on it and find out what the hold-up is.


Here comes the stuffy financial department's boring two cents. Unless you or your company has a credit with us, payment must be received prior to the product leaving our possession. accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and electronic wire payment as a means of payment for product prior to the order being shipped out. Once the payment has been verified, we will make sure your order is in process. Payment verification can sometimes hold up the order being shipped by one of the financial payment institutions.  This is nothing to be alarmed about but is something that does happen periodically and is usually the reason for shipments being held longer than 24 hours.


If the product is truly defective (it doesn't work or is broken as a result of a manufacturer's defect), then please contact our customer service department at 1-86-OVERRUN-0 (1-866-837-7860) or email the issue to where we can arrange a return or repair. We'll organize a pick-up of the item and either send you another one (if we have more available), credit your account, or refund your money. If you buy something from the site and when it arrives you don't like it, please do not open the item if you would like to return it. Otherwise we have to charge you re-stocking fees, which we hate to do. Please understand, the only reason we ask that you do not open the item is because it can no longer be sold as new once opened.

Thank you for your understanding.