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Overrunz Blog

August 2, 2012

There are a lot of different levels of reconditioned or refurbished items for sale on the Internet today and also not only many different levels of refurbishing or reconditioning, there are also a number of different levels of interpretations of the term Refurbished or Reconditioned.

Here are a few things we would like our customers to know about Refurbished items we offer for sale on

All items that that we offer for sale on have a full warranty on it, usually warranted by the manufacturer.

The length and intensity of the warranty varies according to the manufacturer and stipulated on the warranty card accompanying the item.

All refurbished items that we offer for sale have been refurbished either directly by the manufacturer, or a certified refurbisher of the manufacturer, or have been scrutinized by our own internal buying team to make certain that the product going out although classified as “REFURBISHED” is in like new condition.

Many times packaging was the issue for the product not being able to make it to the retail shelf and thus needed to be repackaged and classified by the manufacturer as refurbished.

Many times a product has been opened either by a customer or a store merchant to show a customer and must now be classified as refurbished because the original manufacturer’s packaging has been either breeched or changed.

The Refurbished Product that we offer for sale at will be almost undetectably refurbished if the box or the advertising didn’t say so.

Our refurbished product will not be something that has been used and abused and then checked over for defects and then put back up for sale. This is not what we do.

So when you see the little tag on an item we have for sale that stipulates the item is refurbished, you can truly rest assured that this product is really like new, not used, and you are getting an incredible deal on it because it had to be classified as Refurbished.

We hope this clears the air a little regarding what level of refurbished product we may have for sale at but If you have any further questions regarding the state or quality of a refurbished item on our site please don’t hesitate to contact us at and someone will be happy to help.

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