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November 7, 2012

Aren’t you bored of going to market for grabbing things every now and then? Taking time out of your busy schedule, searching nearest outlet where you can find your required product is a daunting task. Not to mention those long queues at billing counter, plus no rewards for all the hard work done while shopping. It wastes your time and you don’t get anything extra.

Overrunz.com understands your need and gives you best products at very reasonable price. The best part is we are just a click away. We are the ultimate online store that gives you wide range of products under one roof. Just take out few minutes from your busy schedule and you can get exactly what you have in your mind from the comfort of your home. We are sure while making your purchases you not only want your cost to be recovered but need additional perks as well, just like those extra toppings over your pizza that you just can’t keep your hands off.

Overrunz gets you best deals at your doorstep on just one click. The prices we quote for your lovable stuff are very reasonable. We not only give away products at fewer prices but also give you rewards on your purchase. The best part is you just don’t have to keep on collecting these rewards for long time. You can use your rewards point on your next purchase instantly. We give you daily deals that pay you back with its wonderful Z Rewards program. As a registered member, whenever you make any purchase on overrunz.com you are entitled to reward points. On every one dollar spent on purchase, one Z-buck is earned. Suppose, if you spend $10 to buy a product then you have earned 10 Z-bucks. You can keep a count of your rewards bucks from the Z-bucks icon on the site. P.S. - For this, you need to be a member of Z Reward program.

The best part of Z rewards program is that you accumulate all your reward points and then use it while you avail a stunning offer of the day. You can use all your accumulated points for the payment of your selected stuff. Only cost of shipping cannot be redeemed from the Z-bucks. If you don’t have desired number of Z-bucks to cover full price of item then part payment can also done. For the amount equivalent to your points, reward points will be utilized, and for the balance credit card can be used.

The Daily Deal on Overrunz gives you wide offers with exciting prices as well as Z Rewards. We get you best deals with a twist every day. New deals are posted before the new day starts. Add it to your basket before it’s too late. We don’t want our customer to miss the fabulous deal. Once the deal is gone, we can’t promise you will get it back.

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