Philips Action Fit Sport Compression Sleeve for MP3 & Mobile Phone

Work out with your player in a compression sleeve-style armband. The lightweight, compression-style sleeve is a comfortable way to exercise with your MP3 player. The form-fitting material is breathable and fully protects while you work out. It's hand washable and comes in three sizes for the perfect fit.

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  • Comfortable, sporty material
  • This sporty case adds a padded, moisture-wicking layer to your device, protecting it against sweat and the elements while you exercise.
  • High performance sleeve
  • Inspired by the compression sleeves used by atheletes, this slip-on armband provides a comfortable, easy-to-use solution for working out with your music.
  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • Made from a spandex/lycra blend, the sleeve is designed to be form-fitting and lightweight so you can exercise in comfort. When you're done with your workout, the sleeve is hand washable.
  • Available in Small/Medium, Large/Extra Large or Extra Extra Large
  • So that you have the right fir, the sleeve comes in a variety of sizes. The comfortable materials stretches to fit - but remember, it should fit failry tight for best performance.

Condition: NEW

Color: Black

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