TSA Approved 3-Dial Combination Luggage Lock

This TSA-accepted and recognized lock uses the Travel Sentry system allowing you to set your own combination for general security and TSA screener access for security checks. The TSA screeners are issued codes and secured tools for secured access to open the locks. The 3-Dial Combination Lock features a durable metal construction and has an indicator which goes from green to red when the TSA inspections have opened the lock. You can set the combination along with resetting the combination as often as needed.

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  • Stylish black design matches any luggage 
  • Engineered for better baggage security 
  • Lock without fear of having locks cut open 
  • The lock uses a 3-digit combination 
  • Original number is 0-0-0 you set your own combination 
  • Approved and compliant by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) 
  • Indicator on lock goes from green to red when a TSA inspection has opened the lock

Condition: NEW

Warranty: 1-Year

Package Dimensions: 6.25x3x0.75 inches

Weight: 0.15 lbs 

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