Apple Airport 2TB Time Capsule Extreme NAS server

With AirPort Time Capsule, you get a superfast Wi-Fi base station and an easy-to-use backup device all in one. And backing up your data couldn't be simpler. Just set it up once and AirPort Time Capsule does the rest. It works with Time Machine in OS X to back up your Mac automatically and wirelessly, so you never have to worry about losing anything important again. Every photo. Every file. Every song. Even your apps and OS X settings are saved

Regular Price: $299.00
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Shipping to Continental US $7.50 per piece


  • 2TB hard drive that works with Time Machine in OS X to create a no-hassle backup solution
  • Also a full-featured Wi-Fi base station with the latest 802.11ac technology
  • New higher design which helps disperse your Wi-Fi signal
  • 6.6-inch height; 3.85-inch square base
  • Easy setup for iOS and OS X

Condition: NEW

Warranty: 1-Year

Dimensions: 6.6 x 3.85 x 3.85 inches

Weight: 3.26 pounds

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