Logitech Harmony Touch Universal Remote Control

There was a time when your standard remote was enough. Today, home entertainment is anything but standard. There are more devices, more channels and more options than you could ever have imagined. That's why Logitech is rethinking the remote with the Harmony Touch.

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  • Swipe, scroll and tap on the intuitive 2.4-inch touchscreen  
  • Control up to 15 devices  
  • Backlit buttons  
  • Customizable channel icons  
  • Compatible with over 225,000 devices  
  • Sleek and streamline design  
  • Rechargeale Li-ion battery built-in the remote  
  • Includes charging station  
  • Easy online setup  
  • Micro USB port  
  • 320 x 240 QVGA LCD display 
  • Includes Charging Station, USB Cable and Power Adapter


Warranty: 90-Days

Dimensions: 4x5.5x10 inches

Weight: 1.70 lbs 

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