Lasko 1500W Ceramic Pedestal Heater

The Lasko CS30368 features a ceramic heating element that provides a warmer and softer heat flow, includes 2 settings of high and low heat to regulate the output of warm air and comes with Safe-Smart Technology that prevents the overusage of energy so you can keep the electricity bill to a minimum.

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  • Space-saving pedestal design 
  • Motorized Oscillation 
  • For medium-sized rooms 
  • 1500W max output 
  • 8-hour timer 
  • Safe-Smart Technology w/cool-touch housing 
  • Two Quiet Settings - High Heat, Low Heat w/Auto (Thermostat Controlled) 
  • Simple base, light assembly required 
  • Multi-function remote 
  • Built-in carry handle 
  • Convenient timer - set in 1 hour up to 8 
  • Indicator light 
  • Integrated carry handle 
  • Remote batteries not included

Condition: NEW

Warranty: 180-Days

Dimensions: 12x8x22 inches

Weight: 8.00 lbs 

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