Blackbox Blue-Jean Style iPad-2 Case

So you've finally bit the bullet and bought an iPad for school, but you have a hard time typing long papers on the touchscreen. You're not alone, a lot of people find the keyboard easy for typing a little bit, but when you need to type more than a paragraph, it can get annoying. Yours today from Overrunz - a keyboard you can type that 10,000 word essay on.

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  • General Features: 
  • Blue color 
  • Made of jean material 
  • Fashionable designs with Jean style 
  • Real Back and front pocket 
  • Magnetic strap 
  • Soft inner lining 
  • Lightweight soft case 
  • Easy to carry protective solution 
  • Securely holds and protects iPad-2  
  • Folds into 2 different viewing positions 
  • Compatible for iPad 2 
  • Bluetooth wireless keyboard
  • Stylus Pen Features: 
  • Compatible with iPhone iPad iPod touch HTC HD2 etc. 
  • Built-in SIM card pin 
  • Retractable design 
  • Coupled with a silicon cover to protect your screen 
  • Included clip makes easy to carry 
  • Size: 4.7 x 0.2 x 0.2-inches (H x W x D)

Condition: NEW

Warranty: 1-Year

Dimensions: 11.25x8.5x1.5 inches

Weight: 1.55 lbs 

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